Be Unusually Excellent: Executive Leadership Workshops

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The objective of our work with clients is to help them get the business results they want, quickly. If you are charged with the responsibility of producing strong business results in volatile and changing business environments, we can help.  Often this involves mobilizing large numbers of people so they can respond effectively to change.

Leadership always matters, and it often matters more than we imagine, or want to believe.  There is both a short-term, observable impact, and a long-term measurable difference that comes from an investment in leaders.  It is perhaps the very best money an organization can spend to create the future as they want it to be.

Downturns, growth, mergers, competition, evolving technologies, start-up ventures and the reality of other market pressures require alignment around a set of core ideas and an ability to respond to change in a unified way, real time, and at all levels in the organization.  “Be Unusually Excellent” gives you the cores ideas. Our follow-on work with you and your organization makes them real.

Over the last 25 years we have developed, implemented and modified the theories outlined in “Be Unusually Excellent.”  We turn ideas into results. Amazing and measurable results are normal when our process is followed.

Great theories are a great beginning.  If you are serious about mobilizing your organization, and turning great theory into results, find out about how we do it…

Executive Exploration ©:

This ½ day session is a rigorous conversation with the Executive Team, led by John Hamm and an Unusually Excellent Principal that will:

– Question and investigate the powerful core ideas behind the book in detail to create deeper understanding, and “ownership” of the most resonant topics

– Explore what these actually means to your organization’s opportunity for an increase in leadership effectiveness-

– Identify what you need to do as an Ex Team to get more effective results

Executive Dive ©:

The objective of this full day session is to decide what actions you will take to strengthen your organization.  As a team you will go beyond the Executive Exploration (described above) to:

– Look at feedback we’ve gathered to get an objective view on how you’re doing now with regard to these core concepts.

– Decide where to focus

– Decide how to change your results

– Action Planning for results

Leaders’ Challenge ©:

The objective of the Leaders’ Challenge is to support the steep learning curves of your high potential leaders so they can integrate these concepts and produce outstanding business results individually, and together. In addition to the results above, in this 2 day session key leaders:

– Look at what they each need to do to get this working

– Translate great concepts into specific actions

– Make agreements that move the ball forward cross-functionally

As we work together, there are other things we may decide to do together:

Cultural Assessments: Result:  By interviewing a diagonal slice of the organization (a sample of all levels/all functions), we can give leaders and their organizations specific recommendations about what to stop, start and continue doing.

Cross-functional MBO alignment:

Result:   While many companies routinely use MBOs to assign objectives, most don’t bother to align those objectives cross-functionally.  Or, ensure that the objectives actually make the strategy happen.  We use a simple process that keeps things from falling through the cracks and avoids managers having MBOs that are in conflict.  It’s how strategy becomes results.

360 Feedback Sessions:

Result:  Feedback provides information – particularly on blind spots.  The team debrief sessions that we hold afterwards create sets of agreements that move teams forward together.

Individual Coaching:

Result:  Every great athlete has a coach.  Executive Coaching for key members of the team ensures individual growth and excellence.

Meeting Observation:

Result:  Often we will observe meetings in order to see first-hand how clients are progressing and how we can help them be more effective.   This gives us a view of the players on the field.

Meeting Facilitation:

Result:  When we facilitate team or cross-functional meetings, we model effective facilitation so managers get better at doing it themselves. The meetings we run produce better results… but the actual result is that everyone gets better at holding effective meetings.

Large Scale Change:

Result:  We use this tool to get input, understanding   and commitment to specific action from all levels and functions of the organization.  We have held meetings with up to 5,000 people in one room (the Javits Center, to determine what to recommend to NYC re the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site).   When your whole company is involved in setting strategy and objectives ‘buy-in’, and smooth implementation is the natural outcome.

Action Teams:

Result:  Action teams focus on solving problems or achieving results identified in the cultural assessment.   We work with those teams to assist them in achieving those results.